Our Story


“We have always been a band about relationships...we realize that relationships are what ultimately shape you into who you are.” 

On Oceans Over Airplanes’ last release “Young Nights” they asked listeners to: “Remember How It Felt” They continue to further explore the depth of that statement with their new EP Traditions (Fall 2017). “We make so many decisions out of habit, out of comfort, out of fear of change, that it can really damage and hinder that way you live and experience life.” In ordered to really experience this notion, the creation of the EP would have to break from the norm. The band began the process writing as a 3 piece after the loss of a guitarist and eventually finished the process with his replacement, Ethan Grove. Writing with Ethan however provided the band a new energy that has immediately begun to re-shape the sound of the band. TRADITIONS marks the first time the band has worked with a producer as well as the first time the band has recorded outside the confines of their private home studio. The EP was produced and recorded by Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knucklepuck, Sleep On It). The outside perspective helped challenge the group and push them into a focused, mature sound that they think truly defines OOA. The band is currently touring and showcasing their dynamic and spirited live show through the Fall, Winter, and Spring in support of the Traditions EP.

With the creation of their 3rd EP “YOUNG NIGHTS”, released in November of 2015, OOA continued to progress their sound, which contains the beauty of the lakeshore, combined with the pounding, gritty pulse of industry, the excitement of the city and the honesty and outsider perspective of a small town.  Its might be hard to imagine that these could all be influences on this band from Northwest Indiana, however this South Shore sound is an experience that is pleasure to experience.  

“The idea of the EP was to revisit my early 20’s…To find and recreate musically many of the feelings that were present in those years.  To relive those relationships and moments that shaped/directed me to the places that I have ended up ended up today.”  “My hopes are that we have a created a set of songs that people can use to help describe a certain period of their lives.”

YOUNG NIGHTS is a departure in many ways from their previous EP released on Stayposi Records in 2013 titled “Revival Songs”.  With the creation of Revival Songs it was the first time that OOA mainstays Anthony Pagorek, Joseph Muzyka & Joseph Bickham had to create music as a three piece.  The EP was also fueled with a fiery, aggressive and abrasive tone that catches your attention the moment the EP begins with its dissonant chords and burned out vocals.  As the EP title indicates, Revival Songs, where indeed the band’s revival as a group.  After a small hiatus in the wake of the departure of their previous bassist, the remaining members were left with an important decision of how to proceed with the band.  “It was a time filled with much frustration on several levels in my life and the EP allowed those feelings to finally come out for all to experience.  It was a tough period in my life that I am glad that we survived it as a band.  The most important part of this period for the band is that we found out that we could be friends outside of music and that bond continues to show in our creative process today.”

Young Nights was more of a return to the bands only fully length “Rip the Sky from the Earth” (2011) from the stand point of the band line-up.  The Young Night EP was the return to the band as a four piece group with the addition of Guitarist: Jeff Popka.   “Rip the Sky…” was truly an exhausting and rewarding experience that helped me cope with the loss of our good friend and former band member Bret Smolinski.  Each song was directly inspired by his life and his passing.   It was an experienced that really pushed me lyrically and in many ways tore down the walls creatively that I had constructed around my writing for years.

Still at the heart of TRADITIONS is a tinge of the band’s first Self-Titled EP.  “When creating TRADITIONS we captured that spirit that we had when we were younger, especially the spirit of our early music”

The band continues to refine and develop their brand of music that they credit being a direct reflection of their closest relationships and surrounding environment. OOA is a group that isn’t specifically from the fields of the Midwest, the bustle of the city or the repetition of the sprawling suburbs.  Instead they are a group of musicians that have found each other over time, that combine all these elements they each bring tethered to them to create a truly unique landscape of sounds that they believe will be an musical experience you cannot pass on.  They may not fit in anywhere, but they fit together.